Appel à proposition Panel 60: GLOBAL VACCINE LOGICS: NEW TRENDS IN AN OLD ASSEMBLAGE (uniquement en Anglais)

Dans le cadre de la conference annuelle de la 4S: Society for Social
Studies of Science qui se déroulera à la Nouvelle Orleans aux USA du 4
au 7 septembre 2019, nous animons un panel intitulé: “Global Vaccine
Logics: New trends in an old assemblage”. La deadline de l’appel à
communication est le 1ER FÉVRIER 2019. Nous attendons nombreuses vos
propositions et serons ravis de vous accueillir à la Nouvelle Orleans.


A tension between two visions of innovation, one that builds capacity
for horizontal public health systems, the other driving high tech
vertical technology development, may be impeding global health. Vaccine
research and immunization programs might be seen as a sociotechnical
assemblage where the public health value of some vaccines is undeniable
but their safety, effectiveness and vertical implementation remain
wicked problems that divide and prevent progress. Industry demand for
fast tracking vaccine development has increased as governments in high,
middle and low countries contribute scarce public resources, often
laundered to the private sector, to vaccine development and
implementation. The confluence of market forces, financialization and
weaponization of vaccines for biosecurity in the guise of global and
public health has been demonstrated in pandemic threats from, for
example, anthrax, dengue, ebola, HIV, influenza, malaria, meningitis to
zika. Vaccine technologies and immunization programs continue to face
controversy across sectors, propelled by charges of conflict of interest
between Big Pharma, interested research science and states, and
regulatory institutions.  Causal relationships between immunization and
serious adverse events, along with security concerns and mandatory
vaccination introduce different forms of criticism and challenge than in
the past. We invite STS researchers, especially applying ethnographic
approaches, to analyse issues of particular and global vaccine
innovation and development.

Les propositions de résumé doivent contenir 250 mots au maximum. Ils
doivent contenir les principaux arguments, methodes et contributions aux

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