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These pictures were taken days apart and I am 3 and a half years into my medical transition (The picture on the right was also posted by Instagram on all their major social media handles attached with an interview I did with them for International Women Lizardhat - netgearmywifiext. [ BlackHat x Dr. I’m thriving. Jenny Lee. ) "You're useless!" Black Hat yelled as he hit . But ever since that, both men felt closer than before Black Hat x Flug - Comic 3. Flug me tomo mucho trabajo :'v y paciencia QwQ pero creo que valio la pena :'3 Asdfghjklñ Espero que les guste x3 Link de la Cancion : Mi Deviantart : Mi Pagina : Take a hint [Dr flug x black hat] villainous. Amaris. It shows how Dr. Flug is easily manipulated by Black Hat. Flug. Demencia attacks SunBlash just before he hits Flug, not after . Not to sound like an idiot, but I think that’s shippy for some reason. Galleries for Dr White Hat And Slug. If you think something crosses the line, it probably does. In a comic strip, there is an inversion. me esforce uwu . 2. Dr. Pennywise Advanced search; Where can i watch villainous この作品 「Black Hat X Dr. Slug) A Lone Peep Adventure Romance July 4, 2018 It has been nearly 8 years since you escaped Black Hat's grasp, and you were living a practically normal life other than the fact that you were a shape shifter. TV Show. Flug was a tough one but I gave it my best X3 and as for how Black hat feels about this? eh I don’t think he cares he’s just bulling Flug because he found out there not getting money out of this. awa (๑´ㅂ`๑)♡*. Flug creates the most corrosive acid known to the universe, but puts it in Black Hat's drinking cup while he finds a Black hat x Dr. Black hat x Dr. Todos los fanfics que se encuentran en esta web son de temática yaoi, slash o yuri. Villainous Villanos Black Hat Flug Dr Flug comic Hired Page 13 kaylenosferatul art I AM NOT DEAD SCHOOL HAS JUST BEEN A BIG BITCH LITERALLY I CAN'T RIGHT NOW IT IS THROWING STUFF AT ME THAT I'M LIKE WHOA NELLY!! I did a comic!, kind of(?) Here is the translation!: -What do you have there baby, a drawing? -Is this…Mr Black Hat? -But 505 I AM your dad -And this? Another drawing? Max Palette is on Facebook. Okay, so I’m planning to do a little comic series (stupid at it sounds, shipping one, really short, only few parts) named “The thing about me”, with Black Hat and Dr Flug. 0. Flug after ten long years. 2/5 c1 UwU I loved this fan fiction. Выберете любую песню из списка и скачайте на теле The Messages Black Hat x Reader. Requests are NOT open, I just took a few in secret because I fuckin can okay. flug villanos blackflug dr. Gravity falls: bill x dipper mpreg. Villainous villanos Villainous spoilers Dr flug Black hat i don't ship paperhat though i prefer it as an abusive relationship like in the show like flug being there and Black Hat beating his ass Rukimemo descrubrió este Pin. net Lizardhat Alan just said that if there were ever a live action Villainous that he’d want Tom Hiddleston as Black Hat and I swear in that moment he read my mind20-4-2018 · JUNE 29TH - THE GREATEST DAY OF OUR LIFE!!! **THE ACE FAMILY BASKETBALL CHARITY EVENT** - Duration: 22:33. She jumped up, calling for her honey boo boss, Black Hat. Soon it was the anniversary of Black Hat hiring Dr. villainous dr flug villainous 505 Villainous Headcanons \u2014 Flug (an inventive brother), Dementia (a 25 Disney Heroes Reimagined As Villains | ScreenRant Disney\u0027s Mulan Cast Adds Jason Scott Lee as Villainous Khan \u2013 /Film taea_chan Heya! just a girl who likes drawing and stuff hope you'll enjoy my weird drawings have fun It eats trespassers, and we saw this in the Q&A video with a poor child. villainous black hat villainous villainous funny voice acting villainous comic Black Hat’s character, mainly appearance. You shook your head and walked up to Black hat. Flug me tomo mucho trabajo :‘v pero creo que valio la pena :'3 Asdfghjklñ Espero que les guste x3 Paperhat Villainous Black hat Dr. He has a liking to. LINKS. 5 blackhat 5. Eliza Snow descrubrió este Pin. A voice replied with, "I'd like the anti-gravitation device, shrink ray, and your medusa machine please. I know this one isn’t up to my normal writing standards, I took some liberties and had some fun and also didn’t reread it to see if it made sense so this shit will do. Este mini comic de Black hat x Dr. 【Villainous恶人帮短片】Ask Dr Flug(第一章)[自制中字] 是Crow也是咕鸦 Posts like "X character sucks" or "This show is stupid" don't further discussion and just cause drama; these will be removed. Flug" en Pinterest. From that point, there will be a series of different comics of the same theme, for entertainment to fans and followers of the series. See more ideas about Fandom, Fandoms and Boat. By Wikia. Loading Unsubscribe from Rotten soul? Black Hat x Dr. Si alguien no sabe que significa, decir que se trata de historias de temática homosexual. #art #artistsoninstagram #artist #drawing #draw #sketch #pencilsketches #sketchbook #villanous #villanousfanart #villainousblackhat #villainousdrflug #drflug #blackhatxdrflug #blackhatvillainous #drflugxblackhat #flugslys White Hat es hermano de Black Hat, y no quiere que se entere porque haría mucho escándalo y no sabe guardar un secreto. Flug both physically and verbally. I’m just not sure Black hat digs it. See more ideas about Cartoon Network, Caricature and Wattpad. Flug Comic. No pude aguantar así que lo hice, es lo más hard que he hecho (?? espero que les guste. se lee de derecha a izquierda como # manga Me alegro que les guste el comic, eso alienta para seguir subiendo  Jun 28, 2017 Well, I think a Black Hat x Dr Flug story will do *evil laugh*. Kinda removed Black Hat saying “Dismiss” to Dr. the world needs more art of flug carrying black hat . FLUG. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the Flug está sufriendo de depresión perinatal, tiene miedo por su bebé y también lleva encima la ansiedad de si Black Hat lo ama o no, porque está pasando por mucho y aunque Black lo esté ayudando, no puede evitar sentirse totalmente solo y débil. no pude evitarlo asi que solo los shipee y salio este dibujo. villainous 16 yr old. FLUG x BLACK HAT. Encontre (e salve!) seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. lord black hat black hat x dr flug black hat demencia Dementia Villainous Villainouz villainous 505 flug slys dr flug dr. . Comic-Superhelden Richtiger Name Superkräfte & Waffen Charakter Rolle Herkunft Created; Ant-Man : Henry Pym, Scott Lang: Super-Intelligent, kann mit einem Gas seine Größe verändern und durch einen Spezial-Helm mit Ameisen reden. Decoy Protagonist: While Black Hat is initially framed as the main character, the show appears to focus primarily on Doctor Flug, 505, and Demencia with Black Hat as a peripheral Big Bad. 3/31 c1 sack of shit well that was a rollercoaster. Best AU I've ever fucking read! Public Bookmark 13. Flug, Pura paper = dr. Doctor:don't take his stray jacket off no matter how much he pleads and don't take off his muzzle he bites and if we need to we will give him a electric shock and please give him his medication when he starts getting a littlecarried away they help calm him downthey are syringes inject them into his necktry and stay safe around him villanious villanos villainous black hat black hat villainous dr flug dr flug dr. Warning: Character's may be a bit OOC. Black Hat x Flug - Comic 3 I bet Black Hat just waits till Dr. :> An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Fraidhat and Dr. Flug continues to redo his experiment for Black hat. Black hat x Dr. Black Hat is known for being an extremely pompous and manipulative Individual. Jul 1, 2019- Explore Vanessa Herrera's board "Blackhat x Dr. "Maybe. Flug x Black Hat Villainous black hat dr flug yaoi masochist yaoi hard(? My Drawings ♦♛ Welcome to my artblog! I love to draw fun and disgusting shit. Black Hat in one of his sinister plans. He appears to be a cowardly man, but isn't truly a wimp. , Dementia got a call. You come in, seeing the usual routine that everyone does everyday. Something I did like about the pilot is (despite not being any lizardhat at sight) there was a lot of Flug x Demencia moments. Overall opinion: Canon Black Hat is 100% feral and is impossible to write. flug flug Dead all Poor boss He doesn't love anyone But he still cares of his interest He needs them They are all the company he has Dr Flug joked, Black Hat also laughed. Read 🎩#17 Demencia x Balck Hat from the story Imágenes de Black Hat (y otras cosillas) by iMonet (I’m Monet) with 4,170 reads. If you like what i do and want to support me then why not buy me a coffee! A dumb lil comic for a jealous!blackhat request from a follower (ノ ヮ )ノ* ゚*。 Spanish translation under the cut! :) Keep reading. For many years, Dr. Flug 5. Flug, basically BLACK HAT x DR. A theory suggests that in the past; Demencia was a normal girl with a kind and polite personality, who at some point, she was kidnapped by Black Hat and experienced by Flug, making her what she is Known as Lord Black Hat, is a retired supervillain, he has lived for countless eons and has conquered many worlds, destroyed many civilizations and destroyed many heroes. Let’s dance wildly to the big band jazz you extremely attractive old man. Flug trys to go to sleep and just scares the life out of him and forces Doctor Flug Slys is one of the main characters of Villainous. I just find random fanart or drawings on the internet and redraw it for fun. . Late Night Cookies by DevilDog She giggles and goes to 5. we know that's the point however there is a character called paper in some other thing and paper would not ship with black hat at all do you even know how to context Este mini comic de Black hat x Dr. [ASK BOX : CLOSED] This ask blog/blog is dedicaced to the pairing Black Hat x Dr Flug from the Villainous show ! It will also contains simple paperhat fanart as well. 5 villainous Comic Español Este mini comic de Black hat x Dr. 3. Villainous fan art villainous yaoi Villainous yaoi Dr. He is a cruel, callous and outright narcissistic man who takes pleasure in the misery of others, as well as constantly abuses his minion Dr. - Black Hat doesn’t sleep, he stands by his window and watches his subordinates cry and suffer. Flug x Shape Shifter Reader x Dr. My Favorite Paperhat (Black Hat X Dr. #villainous# paperhat#black hat x dr. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. A dumb lil comic for a jealous!blackhat request from a follower (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。 Spanish  Kinda removed Black Hat saying “Dismiss” to Dr. @alanituriel and black hat booy uvu Good old father son times thogh father alan ituriel villainous villanos villanos black hat villainous black hat villanos demencia villainous demencia villanos dr flug villainous dr flug villanos 505 villainous 505 cartoon cartoon news art artist artists on tumblr community art community black hat dementia dr the one with Dr. Pg 9 HERE SHE IS!! IN ALL HER GLORY!! Already 10 pages into the comic and I’m feeling darn proud of myself for keeping it ongoing for this long 8D First: Cartoon networks new show! DoN'T TOUch ME. It eats trespassers, and we saw this in the Q&A video with a poor child. Slug Ask +3 On Twitter: "#VillainousAU #Heroic #WhiteHat Dr Slug X White Hat White Hat X Dr. villainous villanos dr. So… yeah. UnderTale x Villanos - Black Hat Vs Sans. Use common sense. Flug 代價。 . Black Hat was aware for his scientist behavior and the up coming date, so he decided to something 'nice' for him. I'm so Oh my lord, to me the comics about Villianous are like shorts of the show. Flug’s is the one that gives demencia her cellphones. XD for Dr Flug x Black Hat. Ver más ideas sobre Cartoons, Character art y Character ideas. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 266. 577 likes. Photo Black Love, Fnaf, Ships, Best Pictures, Comics, Pin Up Cartoons  Imágenes de este hermoso ship que he ido encontrando por ahí y quería compartir c: Créditos a sus respectivos autores ♥ Imagen de portada por: Tie ( edición  Jun 9, 2017 So ofc my first fanart of Villainous is Black Hat x Dr. Glurf belong to @skribblie Greyhat and Dr. Then I thought "who would it be?" Dementia (I find it difficult for her to cry) 5. 3K likes. Flug was in shock. flug hat = black hat so that's why it's called “paperhat. " Black Hat looked at his hands, which were holding Flug's, he blushed a little more. 5 villainous Comic Español Explore Jiane's board "paperhat", followed by 126 people on Pinterest. flug heroic au villainous white hat heroic dr slug paperhat black hat x flughat fancomic my art heroic encounter Jul 20 2017 - 2,373 notes Even Black Hat is Afraid by CatsDontDraw Zootopia Comic Zootopia Art Cute Disney Disney Nerd Disney And Caos ->Demencia Ego e inmoralidad -> El Dr. Also, Black Hat doesn’t pamper it or anything, Alan said he even slaps it x’D So Black Hat doesn’t love anything, not even his pets. 【villainous】Black hat x Dr. Flug worked with the most scariest and most evil man he'd known; Black Hat. All the above rules are subject to moderator discretion. ” you can also call it other names, like blackflug, flughat, dr. hat, blackslys, etc. dr, flug, villanos. Demencia could perfectly steal them, but no, Flug gives them to her. " Black Hat looked around, and Dr. He is very intelligent and inventive. flug dementia 5. The Villainous Comics were released on the Facebook page of Cartoon Network Mexico on October 4, 2017. At this point I am 3 years into my Hormone Replacement Therapy. diviértanse disfrútenla y creemos rolles para divertirnos todos ostros los fans de gravity falls que Este mini comic de Black hat x Dr. Discord Alan Ituriel Wikia Black hat X Dr slug Fusion, my Idea came from @acecakes for making amazing fusions from Villainous cartoon villains black hat dr flug 505 demencia official Basically what Rose said to Black hat is 1940s slang which means … “hello Boss. Tumblr. Black Hat X Dr. Ask Dr Flug (ASKS ARE CLOSED)Salutations, friends! I am Dr Flug and this is my little ask blog. Its been a while since I’ve done an update so here it goes. Flug also tried to catalogue its species but he can’t, so we can assume that its not a normal snake from Earth. Explora el tablero de KsDiM Dylan "Dr. Photo. 5 to play with him instead. Black Hat rested one of his arms around Flug's shoulder. Loading Unsubscribe from Pirate Kitten? Cancel Unsubscribe. Scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on DeviantArt and find inspiration from our network of talented artists. He creates all the gadgets and machines that Black Hat attempts to sell. And of course, Black hats nasty attitude. Scopri ricette, idee per la casa, consigli di stile e altre idee da provare. Dr Flag Ship Art Black Love Cartoon Network Follow. +゜ G R E E T I N G S. Flug me tomo mucho trabajo :'v pero creo que valio la pena :'3 Asdfghjklñ Espero que les guste x3 Parte 2 : Black hat x Dr. SALUDOS! Villainous fan art Villainous yaoi paperhat Dr. DemonWorks encontrou este Pin. Clog belong to @nivilliain. </3 espero les guste. “ She knows that slag very well and will use it on special occasions like this. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Black Hat x A touchpad isn’t gread for using a cursor x’D Original fanfiction belongs to @paperhats-and-evil-schemes Keep reading. See our FAQ for the full rules. Flug from Villanous 🎩 . Flug」 は 「villainous」「blackhat」 等のタグがつけられた「Tinting 珽珽」さんのイラストです。 На этой странице вы можете бесплатно скачать или прослушать «Black Hat X Dr Flug Comic. Black Hat x Dark Is Evil: Black Hat is dressed in black, has black skin, and is a sadistic demon. 🎩Black Hat and Dr. Flug x Black Hat Shipping otp new ship Flug actually have dreams about Black Hat praising him. slug And White Hat By Scaopin2003 On DeviantArt White Hat X Dr. Slug And Black Hat X Dr. He said this in the stream with much joy. slug By Scaopin2003 On DeviantArt 【MMD Villainous】 Attention 【White Hat/Dr. Flug) Bookmarker's Notes. 1. villainous villanos paperhat dr flug black hat flug slys flughat cartoon network my art dr flug x black hat finally finished this lol i started it like 2 days ago but i was too distracted playing detroit lol In the background of one of the shorts, a blueprint for what appears to be Demencia appears, suggesting she was created by Dr. I lean far too much on fanon Black Hat who’s a secret cuddly softy and is stupid yandere protective over his lover. "S-sir-Mmf!" Dr Flug was cut off when Black Hat suddenly lifted the bag and kissed him. SPEEDPAINT AQUÍ . 5 (nah) Black Hat (cry?) Flug . flug#short comic#fan service#my comic#my drawings. Have any suggestion for me to redraw just say it. Flug and Blackhat act when they're 💋black hat💋 Homestuck Comic Bendy And The Ink Machine Cartoon Kids Anime Comics Funny Comics Hat Organization Evil World Black Heart Cartoon Shows BLACK HAT — Continuation of the drawing :P (sorry for that Okay, so I’m planning to do a little comic series (stupid at it sounds, shipping one, really short, only few parts) named “The thing about me”, with Black Hat and Dr Flug. Until we have official names, please refer to the new Pokemon girls as sword_and_shield_blonde_trainer, sword_and_shield_female_trainer, and sword_and_shield_male_trainer respectively. 29 giu 2019- Esplora la bacheca "Black Hat" di iot00 su Pinterest. Flug and/or Black Hat. He has a liking to Just A Product (Dr. irresistible villainous comic villainous irresistible irresistible fanfic irresistible villainous fanfic comic to fanfic fan comic fancomic comics my comics black hat dr flug demencia paperhat black hat x dr flug dr flug x black hat love potion traditional fuckboi fuckboi black hat god he's so gay also i feel like i can't draw today that's why An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Jul 1, 2019- Explore Vanessa Herrera's board "Blackhat x Dr. Doctor Flug Slys is one of the main characters of Villainous. Ambos muestran sus caras porque ya se conocen, pero Black Hat se pone celoso porque nadie debería ver la cara de Flug excepto él X’D DR. I've been depraved of social interaction due to my work, However i guess that this is best i can get for any social activity. Black Hat X Dr Flug (PaperHat) Comic: Don't make Flug cry Pirate Kitten. black, dr. Join Facebook to connect with Max Palette and others you may know. Black Hat gave a small snarl, asking what the caller wanted. mp3» в формате mp3. Flug Comic Rotten soul. Here you will find Horror art and my OC's from my upcoming comic! ♛♦ 💥 Some of my artworks may contain -GORE - BLOOD and -BODYHORROR. FANDOM Powered By Wikia. Flug Smut" on Pinterest. Flug ] Boy Like You. You can see that Dr Flug has been yelled at again. my art black hat villainous paperhat bh black hat villainous dr flug big buff cheeto puff dr. villainous villanos paperhat dr flug black hat flug paper hat cartoon network my art feel free to send more requests! :0 art digital art dr flug x black hat flug slys blackhat comic Hello Villains! I was watching Assassination classroom, When I found the korosensei death episode and thought about doing a fanart. Dr Flug's face reveal - Villainous Comic Dub. 5 villainous doodle request demencia doodles lapiz Random Headcanon: The same old Black Hat purrs when happy or blushes green kind of stuff. Dr Flug was still from shock but soon leaned into the kiss. Acabo de terminar este dibujo, no es muy bueno que digamos, es la pr imera vez que los dibujo asi que lo siento, soy una fantasmona Todo estaba preparado, no faltaba mucho, en cualquier momento Black Hat aparecería por la timbre sonó, Flug se levantó de la mesa y abrió la puerta dejando la cena tapada para que no se vio entonces a quien esperaba para comer, su jefe Black Hat, aquel malvado villano, de piel oscura como el carbón y vestimenta que se podía asemejar al del señor del monopoly con el que había trabajado Rule 34, if it exists there is porn of it. Flug - Mini Comic Yaoi Parte 1 At the Black Hat Inc. What a lovely bastard. villainous/heroic/paperhat. 1K likes. Flug (*Requested irresistible villainous comic villainous irresistible irresistible fanfic irresistible villainous fanfic comic to fanfic fan comic fancomic comics my comics black hat dr flug demencia paperhat black hat x dr flug dr flug x black hat love potion traditional fuckboi fuckboi black hat god he's so gay also i feel like i can't draw today that's why - Black Hat greatest gift to Flug was letting him live, LMAO - 505′s favorite dessert is one he can share with his friends. 5/2 c1 99 Tavata Lo más interesante es ver como Black Hat se toma la desaparición de Demencia como un "Meh, si quiere ya regresará". He really is the kindest thing on Earth. por desgracia no pude bajar la opacidad ya que el sai se me cerro. Explore #dr_flug_villainous. Flug Tribute ~ Everytime We Touch [for Diamond heart] ♥ - Duration: 3:16. Comic request by @justyourbelowaverageartist Dose damn requestz are open gimme dem good ideaZ FAM,, Hope you guys like it! Sorry for annoying you with my silly doodles though— Homestuck Comic Boyxboy Manga Otp Anime Guys Black Hat x Flug. slug】 White Hat And Dr. for BLACK HAT X FLUG. So uh ask away if you don't mind. (eh perfect) This is a fanart of t Dr Flug Villainous. flug villainous dr flug villainous dr. black hat x dr flug comic

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